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Dear reader of this secret message, assume that you are in danger. If I am right you live in a realm of terror: a place with no peace, no empathy and no love. You live in the realm of chaos, although you wouldn't realize that yet. You call it 'reality', but that doesn't matter... Read... I'll tell you the story of a land, your world and a new world that is born.

I also lived in the realms for some years, everybody does, but that isn't important. I already realised the Chaos in the realms when I was very young. And in the deep dark sadness of the realms I once heard the prophecy of Utopia:

"Golden light will be born: The arch will open to Utopia: May our children gather in light, without sorrow, into bodies of mana."

[The Gate]

Once upon a time a child was born with the ultimate power of creating matter out of mana. As it was meant to be this little boy was found, after his true parents left him, by an elder golden dragon named: Falyan the Oracle. Falyan noticed that the boy wasn't afraid of being alone in the cold cave where he was left behind. A golden light came from his little hands when the child touched the ground to reach for the elder dragon. Falyan, of course, being the oracle of the realms, knew about the prophecy of Utopia, and decided to take care of the young wizard.

And as the child grew older the Wyrm noticed that his magical abilities improved. The Dragon himself could not learn the young wizard how to use his powers and brought the boy to Inqua, the ArchSorceress of the realms of Chaos. For chaos there was in this land: And Chaos ruled. Inqua was most pleased to be visited by the oracle of the lands, which only existed in ancient books until then. And as the elder dragon asked her to take care of the child as if it was her own son, she made no objection.

She decided that the boy needed a name. She called him Magmemion, which meant 'Golden Light' in the ancient wizard language, though no-one was to say this name out loud. She educated the child in silence and secrecy, and no other mortal soul except her own knew about his great powers and abilities. She knew it wasn't safe that his life being connected to the life in the realms and carefully avoided the young mage to have contact with the other wizards of the realm. The youngster was to get another destiny; but that didn't mean that his life wasn't at all connected to the chaos that ruled. For Chaos would always be his enemy. He was taught about the prophecy on a very young age by the ArchSorceress, to prepare him to open the arch to an Utopia.

Although there where only a few wizards in these lands; they could maintain the land into structure, but not more than that. But the people lived in pure terror and could not rely on the powers of the wizards that were left. They waited for the prophecy to be fulfilled... The ones that didn't knew or wanted to know about the prophecy soon became possessed by the evil that was consuming the lands. They forgot about hope and lived in despair and hate.

Meanwhile the boy grew up in peace; and he seemed even a greater wizard than any other in the land. The ArchSorceress protected and educated him. Sadly, he had to find his own way through ancient books and learn how he could fulfil the prophecy. The older prophet who had received this prophecy from the Gods, whom have no name, had died a century ago and the young wizard had to interpret his words well. He had no other clue of how he could otherwise succeed in fulfilling the prophecy of Utopia.

^ When Magmemion became eighteen he received the 'wizard' rank from Inqua, and for the first time of his life he was introduced to the other wizards that where protecting the land. All eyes where fixed on Magmemion when Inqua told them that this young wizard was the 'Golden Light' where the prophecy was telling about. They all were ready to help him solving the riddle of the prophecy, except for one. This Wizard, called Rhomah, was one of the most true wizards of the land; who was trying to fulfil the prophecy himself for many years 'till then. He was so angry and filled with jealousy against the young Magmemion that he vanished into the air immediate when this was announced.

Inqua felt afraid of what this Rhomah could do or plan to do and decided to ask the oracle of the realms, who had brought Magmemion to her, for wisdom. Magmemion didn't like to see her doing this and explained he was the one that caused all this trouble and that it was his cause to settle things right again. Inqua was afraid of telling Magmemion the truth about her quest to the oracle; She wanted to find out what the prophecy meant. She therefore told Magmemion that only the ArchSorceress of the realm could visit the oracle, for that was also true. She warned him to take care of himself and be aware of Rhomah and what he might do. Inqua went away alone, with no-one to guide or help her, for it was her quest.

She didn't come back for quite some while and Magmemion got worried in time. The other wizards that visited him frequently tried soothe him and told him that everything would be all right with Inqua. Magmemion who was ill-tempered because of the long-absence of his most beloved friend decided not to wait and to go out to find her. The other wizards told him that he couldn't do that, because it was her journey and her quest, but he didn't wanted to hear their complaints. He used his magical crystal to locate the oracle, as Inqua had done before him, he knew. And after he had located Falyan he used his powers to get there. A door of Golden fire opened in Falyan's lair. Within the lair the air was smelly, hot and moist and Magmemion had to hold his breath. In the dim light he saw the golden scales of the dragon reflecting the light of his magical fire. Magmemion stepped back with terror in his heart when he saw Falyan's eyes staring at him.

'I don't think so, Golden Light...' a loud voice said in the darkness coming from everywhere but the dragon himself.

'What? Who are you?' Magmemion answered, unaware of his faint acquaintance with the oracle. 'Where is the ArchSorceress?'

'You know where she is.' Answered the Wyrm, 'You know you wouldn't be here when she wasn't vanished from the realms.' The dragon shook his enormous head and Magmemion noticed the dragon surely didn't look well. What happened to Inqua? Vanished? How?

Magmemion closed his eyes for a moment, and let all possibilities pass his mind. What could be the meaning of all this? The dragon interrupted his thinking, 'You have one question to ask, then you'll have to leave. And even the fact that I surely regret the loss of your friend won't break that rule, Golden Light.'

The young wizard now knew for sure his dearest friend and mentor was dead. Although he grieved he knew that he needed his intelligence to ask that one question which provided him with both answers to his questions as to hers, whatever they could have been. He suppressed his upcoming tears and asked the dragon: 'Is the answer to: Was answer to Inqua's question that she had to die to help me creating an Utopia? The same as the answer to: Was the meaning of Inqua's dead to make me the ArchMage of the realms??'

The Dragon sighed and hissed: 'No. You'll have to leave now, Golden Light.' Magmemion kneeled down before the dragon mighty head knowing what to do due to this answer of Falyan. He asked for the blessing of the oracle as only Archmages could receive. A deep roaring came from the dragon as the creature tried to laugh, 'My little young friend, I haven't been laughing for quite some time and I shall therefor give you my blessing to create your little paradise...' Magmemion then left the dragon who was surely dying in time, there could be no doubt about that. Even as the land all creatures within would die in time.

^ Of course, Magmemions knowledge just received from the oracle, isn't that sure and plain for us as it was for him. He knew he would find Inqua's dead body in the inner realms of chaos. Magmemion was Inqua's most intimate friend and knew that she would only risk her life for one reason beyond fulfilling the prophecy: fighting Chaos to free her people, for it was the responsibility of the ArchSorceress to protect the people of the realms. She was sent away by the oracle to prevent Chaos taking lives. And, of course, she failed in this mission as the oracle had foreseen...

Magmemion could easily find Inqua by using his powers and a magical crystal that he once got from Inqua. In one of the forests of the realm, that was yet little exhausted and destroyed by Chaos, her body was found by Magmemion. For hours he wept about the loss of his closest friend and mentor. After regaining control of his feelings again he took her corpse with him to show the other Mages the Archsorceress had died.

They all looked shocked but where more eager to decide who was going to be the new ArchMage than what was going to happen with the realms after this disaster had occurred. Magmemion felt angry with their foolishness and thought about the fact that he had not seen Rhomah for quite some while. What this wizard was up to Magmemion did not knew nor fear, he only disapproved his absence during this important meeting. What frightened him more was the fact he had no clue about Inqua's plan to make him ArchMage. The oracle had surely meant that to be... Else, all would be done for nothing.

One of the mages, called Ghenic, reminded the wizards of the fact that the ArchSorceress would have chosen her successor already. The successor would be the one that whore the ring according to Wizards Rules. The only one that would be able to wear the ring was the chosen successor. Of course, Magmemion already knew he would be turned out the chosen one, but whether the other wizards would accept Inqua's choice he did not knew. Many of them could not even come near the hand on which the ring was attached to Inqua's body. An electric shock fired from her hand into the one who was trying to get the ring!

When Magmemion tried, although the other wizards claimed he was to young and inexperienced to try, the ring fell into his hand and entangled magically onto his finger. He closed his eyes for a while before he could face the other wizards that were staring at him in amazement. After a pause of silence they wildly cheered and were ready to accept Magmemion as their leader; and chaos himself was ready to accept him as an enemy! As he felt the powers from the land entering his body he fell silent and he then finally knew how to open the arch to Utopia...

Magmemion knew that he could not prevent Chaos from taking the land from the people. He also knew that he could not defeat Chaos in open combat, for it where true that Order had left the land. In fighting chaos he would break one of the Wizards Rules: That Equilibrium had to be maintained. One could not fight evil with evil in his heart, and evil there was in the heart of this young man; hatred against Chaos and it's belongings.

Finally he could fulfil the prophecy of Utopia: he created a paradise: He created peace, rest, joy and warmth. He created mystery, magic and a place that could be home to any creature that was willingly to accept his law. The forces of the four elements combined when Magmemion created matter out of mana. He bend the past, the future and the Now with this seemingly endless stream of power. He created dreams, destroyed the Chaos within and finally succeeded in creating an Utopia. As he used his powers, the land became even more barren, for it where the powers of the land he was absorbing. But the new ArchMage continued and held on to his strong belief in a perfect Utopia. With tears in his eyes he saw the realms die a little bit more every day. And with joy Magmemion saw how a new world was born and happiness arose.

^ Utopia was divided by Magmemion into five parts: north, south, east, west and the center. These parts he called the Districts. He took his time in manufacturing the whole place and decided this Utopia needed to be like a real world. He created weather and seasons to take care of the land. After he finished to do that; the land needed life sources and supplies for plants and the other life forms which where going to live in Utopia.

Each District was given it's unique structure by the ArchMage. Meanwhile the other wizards guided him and provided him with advice. Every now and then Rhomah showed up to follow Magmemions progress with great jealousy and even made plans to undermine the good meanings of the young ArchMage. These plans did gladly never succeed and after time the ArchMage did not need the others to help him anymore: They could continue, with hope, with their original tasks.

In the Northern District high mountains where settled which where called: the Arriandi.

They provided the land with water that did melt from the tops into a wide river. The water feeds the open fields of the North, which would be famous for their evergreen. The Gate to Utopia was placed in the Center district. This was the huge runic engraved magical gate that lead to Utopia. The people from the realm could use this magical object to enter Utopia and live there.

In the Eastern district Magmemion created a foundation for a village to be, Lianes ('springvillage' for the non-Utopian readers). Here, the people from the realm could settle and live in peace. Nearby a road was created to comfort the potential citizens of Lianes.

Of course, the Southern district needed to have a water supply and ArchMage Magmemion created The Thrycic Sea. A nice bay was settled here and after the sea set some sand on the shore, this bay turned into the Lagunas-lake. The water in this lake turned sweet after a while and Magmemion decided to create two other lakes, which he called: The Saltos-lake, after the salt water in this lake that never sweetened, because of the mysterious bottom sand. The other lake, the Tropos-lake, contained water which was warm and sweet. It seemed that the warmth from the water came from the hot sand, but somehow the water from this lake never vanished into the air...

When decorating the Western district the ArchMage was in a rather green mood (for non-Utopians: rather happy) and he decided to plant a wood in this part of Utopia. The wood was called the Mirkwood and it grew at a faster rate than anyone had ever seen before. Soon it became really huge and green and at the edge Magmemion founded a village that he called: Unqueria ('edge of the wood' for the non-Utopians) where he dug a road onto, to create an infrastructure to the Center.

For the Center was the most important part of Utopia. This is where the Great Tower is settled. The Great Tower is the real Center of Utopia, and the place from where most things in Utopia are arranged. The Great Tower would always stay growing and get more levels, but it began with seven levels. The Tower was founded on a square from where four roads reached to the four other Districts, as the Center, of course, lay in the middle of them all.

In the tower the people which where going to live in Utopia could find helpful information about the land and its contents. Magmemion himself had his home at the top of this Tower from where he could oversee the whole beauty of Utopia. While Magmemion was busy creating spells and writing books, other Wizards, sorcerers and mages (Don't mix these three Classes: Mage isn't really anything special but a wizard should be related with someone who knows a lot about sorcery and is pretty handsome to; sorcerer is a non-discriminating class because it's allowed to females to: sorceress) found their way into Utopia. They were able to help the young ArchMage to let the land flourish. First the Black Mage settled himself in Utopia and helped Magmemion to make Utopia complete. After he became one of the coordinators of Utopia, the Yellow and Blue Mage followed and many more...

Utopia was driven by a mysterious force, which no-one could easily describe. This Force was in all the matter out of which Utopia consisted. Only true mages, sorcerers and wizards could communicate with this Force, and only in abstract gestures, words and semantics. This mysterious power was the soul of Utopia, the very being Utopia itself and it controlled and regulated all that was happening in this perfect world. Citizens of Utopia would get in touch with this Force when trying the impossible and saying the wrong things.

After years of work Magmemion thought it was enough. He finally found himself a suitable robe which was made of golden cloth and posed in front of a magical mirror for some while. After he had got himself together he waved with his golden staff twice... The GATE to Utopia opened...

The people of the realm looked up when they heard the sky rumble. They felt a strike of terror in their hearts when they saw a figure appearing in the sky. But as it came closer they saw that it was only the ArchMage from whom they had been afraid of. He couldn't depress sniffing when he saw what had become of the realm meanwhile. There were very little trees left and Chaos was now unfirtilising the land. He noticed that Chaos ruled in some of peoples eyes and became very much grieved. The people were given hope when they saw Magmemion and they cheered. The ArchMage smiled warmly at his people and announced that Utopia was ready. For hours he told about the beautiful land that waited them there and also told them about the rules they had to follow in their life in Utopia. Many found it difficult to get to Utopia all of this sudden, but some of them did immediately. Other people didn't hear about the beauty of Utopia at all, but the ones that did where charmed.

Utopia was a place built of mana, but it did not differ much from the real life. People that lived in Utopia, actually escaped from their rotten lives in the realm of chaos. They could go to Utopia when they liked.

After reading this secret book, you should realise that your land and life is in danger. You CAN ALSO come to Utopia. It's right before you...


©Elinor Bakker


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